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This triple-pack of Tomb Raider games features the first three adventures of globe-trotting adventurer Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider is an Action/Adventure video game for PlayStation published by Eidos Interactive on November 1, 1994. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 38 of our users have voted it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Tomb Raider were added December 14, 2009. We also have the game available on PC, Game Boy, N-Gage, in addition to PSX.




Bellyflop Roll

In order to do the bellyflop roll you must be in a wall - less place that is open and clear. Hold square, R1, the up button, and x. You can also do a bellyflop in the water with this. This ONLY works in Tomb Raider 1 and Tomb Raider 2.

All Weapons And Ammunition Reload

While playing a game, press Select to enter the inventory screen. Then, press L1, Triangle, R2, L2(2), R2, Circle, L1 in the NTSC version of the game. For the PAL version, press L1, Triangle, L2, R2(2), L2, Circle, L1. If you entered the code correctly, Lara will sigh. Note: This code assumes that the buttons have been left in their default configuration.

Level Skip

While playing a game, press Select to enter the inventory screen. Then, press L2, R2, L1 Circle, Triangle, L1, R2, L2 in the NTSC version of the game. Press Select to skip to the next level. For the PAL version, press L2, R2, Triangle, L1(2), Circle, R2, L2. Note: This code assumes that the buttons have been left in their default configuration.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Bonus Tracks

Take the game and put it into a CD player or stereo. Skip to track #2 and you should be able to hear bonus voice overs and songs from the game.

Ammo Saver

When you come across an enemy such as a wolf, bat, lion and one of the goons (Larson, Bald Man, Skateboard Kid and Pierre) Dont use Uzis or Shotgun. Use your pistols because either they dont take much bullits to kill, or you cant actually kill them until later on in the game.

Need A Flare?

Are you stuck in a area that's on land and need a flare? Well just whip out your pistols that have unlimited ammo and just start blasting. This hint works with all Tomb Raiders.

This Will Save You About Ten Minutes

I forget the name of the level but it's the one where you have to get the lead bars and put them in Midas's hands and change them to gold. Anyway i found a glitch in the game that will save you about ten minutes. There is an area of the level where there are about 2 or 3 lions outside what looks the front of a house. It is behind the area with all the low blocks. Anyway, there is a lead bar on top of the roof. The regular to get it would be to make a long seris of jumps, and if you fall you have start over from the first. What i found out by accident was that if you stand on the right side the building that looks like a house and jump diganolly at the corner of the builing, Lara will magically end up on the on the roof. This may take you a few tries, but it is eaiser that jumping over all the blocks.

All Weapons And Infinite Ammunition

Beat the game and load any saved level to have access to all weapons, infinite ammunition, and additional enemies.

Handstand Lara

When Lara is hanging from a ledge, hold the WALK button and press UP to do a handstand.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


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