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Last Updated: July 16, 2014

Get ready for totally different way to show your skills -- this time, thanks to the wireless skateboard controller, you literally get to jump on your board and take the Ride. Anyone Can Ride: Featuring different modes tailored to skill and preference, Tony Hawk: Ride is fully accessible to everyone from hardcore fans to players with no prior skateboarding experience. Without complex button combination or analog sticks, gamers can literally step on the board to play. Unique Motion-Sensitive Controller: Using full motion sensing technology, the intuitive skateboard controller allows players to physically control the action by performing various movements and gestures on the board that directly translate into amazing tricks in the game. Gamers can experience a full range of movement as they rotate, tilt and lift the board in a variety of ways to discover new tricks in the game. Exciting, Immersive and Social Game Play: Tony Hawk: Ride features a diverse set of trick, vert, and speed challenges that allow players to take on their friends and family as they compete with each other via "Hot Seat" game play. With robust multiplayer, online and create-a-skater modes, players can jump into a personalized and extremely social gaming experience.

Tony Hawk: Ride is a Sports/Skateboarding video game for PlayStation 3 developed by Robomodo and published by Activision on November 17, 2009. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and 10 of our users have voted it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Tony Hawk: Ride were added December 8, 2009. We also have the game available on Xbox 360, Wii, in addition to PS3.





Ready to Roll (Bronze) : Complete the Training Test challenge in Street Training
One Trick Pony (Bronze) : Venice Beach, Trick Session: Score 10,000 Points in one combo
Manual Mover (Bronze) : Lower Wacker Drive, Speed Session: Complete in under 1'00 with 200 ft of Manuals
Quick Style (Bronze) : Boom Boom Huck Jam: Fire off the Signature Moment within 20 seconds of session start
Heavy Lifting (Bronze) : Central Park Half-Pipe: Perform 10 Inverts
Certified Chiropractor (Bronze) : Barcelona Half-Pipe: Perform 5 Spine Transfers
Stalls with Style (Bronze) : Quiksilver 80s Vert: Fire off the Signature Moment using only Stalls
Channel Surfing (Bronze) : Quiksilver 80s Vert: Channel the Gap 5 Times in one session
All Four One (Bronze) : Vans Downtown Showdown: Complete level successfully
In the Bank (Bronze) : Back to the Banks: Complete level successfully
T-Mobile Sidekick Grab 5 (Bronze) : Half-Pipe: Do 5 different Grab Tricks in one session
Grounded (Silver) : LA River, Speed Session: Complete in under 1'30 without jumping
Monumental Task (Silver) : Loop Plaza, Challenge Session: Activate Signature moment during Challenge #3
Speedster (Silver) : Central Park, Speed Session: Collect 60 seconds worth of time bubbles
Highlight Reel (Silver) : Toledo, Trick Session: Score 20,000 Total Points in the camera spots
Terminal Velocity (Silver) : Frankfurt Terminal, Speed Session: Complete in under 1:45 without collecting any time bubbles
Handy Man (Silver) : Venice Beach Half-Pipe: Score 10,000 Points worth of Grabs
Vert Master (Silver) : Boom X2 Vertical U-Ramp Go: Complete without bailing
Stride's Long Lasting Manual (Silver) : Do one continuous Manual of 400 feet
Don't Be Nervous (Gold) : Unlock Tokyo in Casual
Game Show Awaits (Gold) : Unlock Tokyo in Confident
It's Show Time (Gold) : Unlock Tokyo in Hardcore
Successful Matador (Gold) : Barcelona, Challenge Session: Complete all challenges without bailing
Spelling Bee (Gold) : Party Mode, e'S Game of SKATE: Over 15 letters given out in one game
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) : Unlock all of the other trophies


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