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Twisted Metal: Small Brawl is a Racing/Demolition / Combat Racing video game for PlayStation published by Sony Computer Entertainment America on June 22, 2001. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 10 of our users have voted it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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Special Attacks

Freeze: Press Up, Down, Up. 
Shield: Press Right(2), Down(2). 
Rear Fire: Press Left, Right, Down, L2. 
Drop Mine: Press Right, Left, Down. 
Jump: Press L1 + R1. 


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Unlock Holiday Havoc

To ulock Holiday Havoc you have to kill 30 guys in enduance mode!!!!

Unlocking Trapper

Beat the game with Mime on hard mode.

Oven Killer

When your in the kitchen, you go up the ramp and go around the counter and you'll see a microwave oven. When you see it, go inside and you will see some weapons. But do not shoot anything at the microwave walls or the microwave oven door will shut and you will be cooked. (IF YOU HAVE 1 OR NO LIVES DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS, BUT IF OYU HAVE 3 OR MORE LIVES JUST COOK YOURSELF FOR FUN.) This is a very important hint for this game.

Unlock Darkside

While in the kitchen go on the counter behind the plumbers butt. Shoot a napalm towards his butt then he will throw a fart and blow a whole into the counter. Go into the whole and you'll find a blue truck go on it to unlock him.

Unlock Axel

Go to "Playground Peril" in tournament mode and go to the edge witth the swings. Once there, jump and shoot at the middle swing [the one with the black thing on it] and a statue of axel will land near you, grab it to unlock him.

Roast The Duck

In Playground Peril shoot the big duck with a napalm to roast it.

Unlock Mime

First choose a car and pick endurance for Holiday Havoc. When the game loads, go to the christmas tree and shoot it until it falls over onto the fireplace. Then drive your car to the top and face the lamp on the other side of the room. Drive off and do a quick 180 turn and shoot a missile at the closest stocking. When you hit it, it should catch on fire. Do this until all of them are gone. when you hit the last one , a statue of Mime should come out of the chimney. go over and pick it up to unlock Mime.

Get Rid Of Lawnmower

To get rid of the lawnmower in Tree Top Rumble, first turn it on. Then go to the room with the trapdoor in it and wait. When the lawnmower gets to the room hit the lever with your car or shoot it. If you do it right the lawnmower should fall through the hole and onto the ground.

Toss Enemies

In the menus, choose Slam as your car and Tree Top Rumble as the level. When you have a special, use it on the nearest car. (make sure you are in the open) While you have the enemy, drive over to the outside edge(not the inside edge because they will bounce right back) and wait for the attack to end. When it does end, the enemy should be thrown over the edge and destroyed.


In Mingolf Mayhem, try to hit the balls in the holes. If you do, a health or remote bombs will appear over the hole


In Holiday Havoc, shoot the train to get health. When you do the train will blow its horn and a health will appear behind it.

Blowing Up The Playhouse!

To blow up the playhouses in playground peril go half way up anyone of the slides and shoot a missile at the roof if this doesn't work,try shooting at the side of the bottom part of the playhouse and it should blow up!!!!

Buster's Lanes Level

Kill 20 guys in endurance mode to unlock the Buster's Lanes level.

Shock Therapy Level

Kill 10 guys in endurance mode to unlock the Shock Therapy level.


In "Playground Peril" level shoot "big duck" to get a health.


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Twisted Metal Small Brawl

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Twisted Metal Small Brawl

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