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Unreal Tournament 2003 is a Shooter/First-Person Shooter video game for PC published by Atari on July 7, 2002. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Unreal Tournament 2003 were added April 27, 2004.




Cheat Codes

Code:                 Effect:

god                   God mode
fly                   Flight mode
ghost                 No clipping mode
walk                  Disable flight and no clipping mode
allammo               999 ammunition
allweapons            All weapons
loaded                999 ammo and all weapons
killpawns             Kill all bots but the player
behindview [0 or 1]   1:Third-person view
                      0:First-person view
slomo [#]*            -:slow motion
*default is 1.0       +:fast motion
stat fps              View frame rate
stat net              View network status
amphibious            Breathe underwater
invisible [T of F]*   T=True
teleport              Teleport to crosshair location
skipmatch             Win the current match
jumpmatch [#]         Jump to a specific match
                      Ex:12 is ladder 1, match 2
changesize [#]        Change player size
                      (Default 1.0)
lockcamera            Toggle camera lock
freecamera [T or F]*  Unlock camera rotation from actor
viewself [T or F]*    Reset camera to view player
viewbot               Cycle camera through the viewable bots
viewflag              View actor currently carrying flag
viewplayer [player]   Change the camera view to indicated player
viewactor [player]    Change the camera view to indicated actor
viewclass [player]    Change the camera view to indicated class
killviewedactor       Kill actor the camera is currently viewing
avatar [class]        Possess a pawn of indicated class
summon [item]**       Spawn indicated item
setcameradist [#]     Set camera distance to its target
setgravity [#]***     Set gravitational pull
                      Default=-800 (notice -!)
setjumpz [#]          Set jump height
setspeed [#]          Multiply player water and ground speed by indicated value
listdynamicactors     Write all dynamic actors to log file
freezeframe [#]       Keep game playing, even in pause menu, for the
                      indicated duration (#=number of seconds)
setfogr [#]           Set red color of fog
setfogg [#]           Set green color of fog
setfogb [#]           Set blue color of fog
setflash [#]          Set the duration a screen flash takes to fade away
causeevent[event name]Trigger the indicated event
logscriptedsequences  Toggle logging for all scripted sequences
killall [class]       Kill everything of the indicated class
killallpawns [class]  Kill all pawns of the indicated class
playersonly           Toggle the level to players only
cheatview [actor]     Toggle view to indicated actor
writetolog            Write the string :"NOW!" to the game log
reviewjumpspots       Shows all possible jumps bots use (transloc,jump,

*Enter word, not letter
**For summoning weapons,type "summon
xweapon.[weapon name]pickup" (some may not work)
For summoning the bulldog, type "summon
***+=upward pull
   -=downward pull

Summon Vehicle

Do you know about the secret vehicle in the level that you can enter by typing "open vehicledemo" in the log? Well if you do and want to drive it in other levels, then I have a solution. First type "ghost" in the log. Then type "summon vehicles.bulldog" in the log. Close the log and move away from the Bulldog (name of vehicle). Once far away enough, reopen the log and type "walk" in it. If you don't know how to get in it, get close and press the u key.

Cheat Codes

To enter the cheats press the tilde key (~) and enter the code then press enter.

Result		Code

God Mode		God
999 Ammo		allammo
all weapons and ammo	loaded


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