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Upland Game Hunter is a video game for PC published by Head Games. It's rated Unknown by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Upland Game Hunter were added November 12, 2001.




Reveal Cubbies

While in map view, type "ughc" to display all cubs.

Reveal Birds

While playing a game, press C to display birds as yellow on the map screen and red on the field screen.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Bird Glitch

Shoot a bird and keep shooting it until it hits the ground. This hint works only on the 1.00 version.

The Hunt

In order to find the birds, you'll need to look in terrain that offers the birds the best cover. This includes crop fields, ditches along roads and tall grasses. Birds will seek out these areas of shelter. Keep an eye on the wind indicator, and work your dog from the downwind side of these areas. If you work upwind, the birds may smell you coming, and move to another area. As your Dogs abilities increase he'll be able to cover larger areas of terrain in front of you. Use this ability along with turning the Hunter to quickly scout entire fields.

The Dog

Each Dog you take with you learns hunting skills as you play. The Dog receives skill points for going on a hunting trip, and for finding and flushing coveys of birds. When these skill points reach a certain value, one of the Dogs abilities categories increases. If you shoot over the Bag Limit however, the Dogs skills will decrease in a category.

The Abilities are:

Command Range 
Sense of Smell 
Command Range and Sense of Smell work together to describe an area of the field in which the Dog can work and sense birds. Speed indicates how quickly the dog can run.All together, these abilities allow the Dog to hunt more efficiently over a wider area, thus generating more shooting opportunities to you. It will take many hunting trips for your Dog to reach his peak in all abilities.


The most important tip, not mentioned in the help file is turning your Hunter. To do this, simply click the Right Mouse Button anywhere on the Field Map, and your Hunter will turn to face that direction. This comes in handy while working your Dog in small areas that you wish him to cover quickly.


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