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Wave Race: Blue Storm makes an adrenaline-soaked splash on the NINTENDO GAMECUBE with stunning graphics, great sound and nonstop speed, speed, speed! The NINTENDO GAMECUBEs blindingly fast CPU has eliminated all the graphics annoyances that plagued old-school racing games, including pop-up, clipping and dropped frames. Even if all eight riders are on screen, Wave Race: Blue Storm zips along with nary a hint of slowdown. Because Nintendos developers have gone to great length to ensure the games faithfulness to real-world physics, a personal watercraft will interact with the water in the game just as it would in real life.

Wave Race: Blue Storm is a Racing/Boat / Watercraft Racing video game for GameCube developed and published by Nintendo on November 18, 2001. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 11 of our users have voted it 3.1 out of 5 stars.

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Dolphin Park Stunt Track

Enter "KTUPWNPD" as a password to unlock this track in normal under stunt mode. In the Japanese version of the game, enter "463YWNX3" as a password.

Lost Temple Lagoon Time Attack Track

Enter "LQ3TRKTE" as a password to unlock this track under time attack mode. In the Japanese version of the game, enter "J784WMHF" as a password.

Southern Island Stunt Track

Enter "WCX5WP5A" as a password to unlock this track under stunt mode. It is possible to do a Double Backflip on this track. Immediately press A when the light turns green and use your turbo just before the ramp starts. Note: This trick is very hard to accomplish.

Dolphin Park In Stunt Mode Normal

When on the Main Menu, choose Option and press X, Z, and Start. Then, select the Password entry screen. On this screen, enter this password: "463YWNX3". If all of the above steps were performed correctly, Dolphin Park track in Stunt mode Normal should appear.

La Razza Canal Time Attack

When on the Main Menu, choose Option and press X, Z, and Start. Then, select the Password entry screen. On this screen, enter this password: "MJV8LKL6". If all of the above steps were performed correctly, the La Razza Canal track in Hard mode of Time Attack should appear.

Ethnic Lagoon Time Attack Track (Japanese Version)

When on the Main Menu, choose Option and press X, Z, and Start. Then, select the Password entry screen.On this screen, enter this password: J784WMHF If all of the above steps were performed correctly, the Ethnic Lagoon track in Normal mode of Time Attack should appear. You can choose any character and customization for the 3 lap race.

In-game Reset

While playing a game, hold X + B + Start.

Ride A Dolphin

Enter "DLPHNMOD" as a password to ride on the back of a dolphin in free run mode. You can still perform tricks on the dolphin, but you can only do backflips and barrel rolls.

Password Option

Enter the options menu and press Start + Z + X to unlock a "Password" option. Use this option to enter passwords to compete in official time attack challenges.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Practice Makes Perfect

Before you go to championship mode, go to the level that you plan on racing on in championship mode on Free Roam mode. Thus allowing you to search for short cuts, practice tricks and learn all off the jumps and turns so you'll be ready for the real deal. Once you think your ready to show the computer players whos boss, go out there and win!!

Secret Circle Riders

To get to the "Secret Circle" you'll want to use Either David Mariner (for best results) or Rob Haywood. David has maximum top speed while Rob is almost at maximum top speed. Rob, however, has the best power and has better stunt than David. If you are a first timer to the "circle," use David Mariner just to get there. Wait until you turbo is powered up, then tap the Z button and zoom towards it. Just check it out first. The exit Free Mode and use Rob Haywood so you can have more air on the jumps! Have fun!

Talk To The Penguins

Go to dolphin mode. Go into the special area in Arctic Bay. Then near the ramp try to go up the slope towards the penguins. After a few seconds let go of the A button. You will then slide up the slope and your dolphin will talk to the penguins while you are in the air.

Arctic Bay Shortcut

After passing three icebergs and the long right turn, before the ramp, at around 2 o'clock you will se a discoloration in the mountain side. Run into that discoloration and it will open up the underground penguin lair. Bear right and you will see a reunion with all the penguins and a ramp. There are two shortcut options. Either go onto that ramp and dive, which uncovers one shortcut; or go straight, which uncovers a different shortcut.

Lost Temple Lagoon Shortcut

Towards the end of the track, as you are on the big turn, is a big brick wall. Run into the wall with your Jet Ski and it will break, giving you an advantage on the race. You can do this in any game mode.

Ocean City Harbor Shortcut

After the third jump (ramp), immediately before the fourth jump make a sharp right so that you can see a red gate guarding a tunnel. Go through the gate, which opens a shortcut.

Strongwater Keep Shortcut

On the second lap after the seventh or so buoy a gate will open up as you pass by. Go into it, follow the short tunnel, then break the glass at the other end to get out. After the large jump over the rocks, follow the right wall and find the patch of different colored wall, Break through it to reveal a tight S-curve short cut.You will miss three buoys by taking this shortcut.

Free Turbo

In the Artic Stage turn left ,right before the big jump and go othrough the two glaciers of ice ant you will turbo and keep all of your turbo points(which you earned by passing boyes) this trick works in all modes.

Arctic Bay Track

Successfully complete championship mode on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the Arctic Bay track. Note: This track is named Cool Ocean in the Japanese version of the game.

Secret Circle

If you go to Dolphin park on Free Roam (because it gives you a free boost) you will find a secret circle. I'll tell you how to find it. Start circling the course and if you notice the boundaries are marked by pink bubbles. Well in the distance at one point, (while circling) you'll see pink bubles. There is another mini course that has boundaries of its own!. Drive towards them and use your boost before your course out time runs out. And in this is a secret circle with huge waves. There is nothing here though. I have been there and there is nothing special.

Tsunami Zone

Ever wanted to go to a place with really huge waves? Well now you can. First go to free roam on the main menu. Now pick a racer with high top speed. Go to Dolphin Park. When you get there look straigt ahead and slightly to the left. Seed the island in the distance? You'll notice a circle of red buoys in front of the island. The trick is to get into the red buoys by leaving the course before the five second Time Out clock runs out. Your best bet is to turbo as you leave the course. Do a trick to refill turbo meter while boosting and boost again. If you've done everything right you should be in your own Tsunami playground. Have fun jumping!

Control Title Screen

When "Start" appears on the title screen, press the Left Analog-stick to move it on the water.

Get Weather Picking

Finish the game using expert championship mode and get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place to get weather in Time Trial.

Get Tournament Mode

Go to the options menu and press X + Z + Start to get a password option. Now passwords for time tournaments can be input.

Get Aqua Maze Track

Finish the game using hard difficulty in championship mode.

Get Victory Gate Track

Finish the game using expert difficulty in championship mode.

Get Ocean Track

Finish the game using normal difficulty in championship mode.

Try! Mode

Enter training mode and complete all training objectives under the beginner and master settings to unlock a "Try!" option under training mode. This mode is a stunt variation of Dolphin Park.

Quick Start

At the start of a race, press A right before the announcer says "Go" and the light turns green to get a quick start and a turbo.

Alternate Costume Colors

At the character selection screen, highlight a character and press Z to display a screen where you can alternate their costume color and more.

Control Loading Screen

While a new track is loading, press the Analog-stick to stir the water and cause ripples at the track loading screen.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


Secrets FAQ

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