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Wii Play collects nine quick and addictive games that are easy to pick up and play and hard to put away. Thanks to the intuitive controls of the Wii Remote, even the most inexperienced gamers will have no trouble mastering the controls. Wii Play features nine seperate mini-games! Every game features a multiplayer mode, so you and your friends can compete for the high score or go head to head to see who's the best. Wii Play comes with a white Wii Remote so that your friends can join in the action. Nunchuk not included.

Wii Play is a Sports/Miscellaneous Sport video game for Wii developed and published by Nintendo on February 12, 2007. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 579 of our users have voted it 3.9 out of 5 stars.

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Round Laser Bumper

Before the timer starts on laser hockey, press A & B at the same time and your bumper will be round.

Different Paddle For Laser Hockey

Press A and B together to switch to a different circular paddle before the game timer starts.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Menu Miis

If you look in the background at the main menu, your Miis will randomly walk, run, or swim in the background.

Platinum Medal On Cow Tilt

In order to get a Platinum Medal, the greatest achievement, on Charge! , you have to hit every scarecrow, even the dancing ones and get a time with more than 290.

Easy Laser Hockey Win

Just can't seem to keep your score higher than the computer? All you have to do is get a high score, then let the computer score against you. Finally, when its your turn to hit the puck, just. Sit there! Sit there until time is up! The computer can't score!

Billards Backspin

When you're playing billards and your ball is aimed at the hole with the ball that your going to hit, aim at the bottom of the ball hold B, pull back, then pull forward; the ball will hit the other one and come back.


To know when birds are about to come in the shooting range, make sure you can hear the volume and when you hear the dog bark, the birds will come in 2 seconds.

Get A Platinum Medal In Charge

Get 325 or more.


On two player mode leave both Wii remotes alone for a while and will do things like stare at each, tap their foot impatiently or try to push each other over.

Easy Points

In shooting range try and shoot the birds. It will give you extra points, so be ready.

Unlimited Table Tenis

If you are able to rally 100 times, you will be able to go over that in the next round you play.

Double Shots In Shooting Range

During a single player game in Shooting Range, press a button on a 2nd Wii-remote. You now have 2 sets of cross hairs, and if you are quick enough, twice the shots.

Mii Movements

At the main menu, select your Mii and it will do different things. If you select its right arm, it will give you a thumbs up. If you select its left arm, it will wave. If you select its head, it will shake it. If you select its torso, it will jump. If you select its right leg, it will lift it up along with its hands. If you select its left leg, it will act as if it is about to fall.

Round Hitter

Before the timer starts on laser hockey, hold A and B and you will get a round hitter

Sleeping Menu Mii

If you leave your Wii Remote alone at the Game Menu for a while, your Mii will fall asleep and the music will change. If you leave it alone for longer, your Mii will eventually wake up and the music will return to normal.





To get Tanks! you have to play one round of Charge!

Find Mii

To get Find Mii you have to play at least one round of Shooting Range.

Table Tennis

To get Table Tennis you have to play one round of find mii.

Pose Mii

to get Pose Mii you have to play one round of Table Tennis.

Laser Hockey

To get Laser Hockey you have to play one round of Pose Mii.


To get Billiards you have to play one round of Laser Hockey.


To get Fishing you have to play one round of Billiards.


To get Charge! you have to play one round of Fishing.


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