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The hints and walkthroughs from CheatCodes.com for Wizard101 are filled with information on how to use magic to advance through this multiplayer online game. Players are wizards who explore and learn magic as they travel to distant lands and use magic to defeat opponents. With clues to hidden Easter eggs and other tricks, players will become experts in the aspects of this magical combat and role-playing world.

Accept quests and learn new skills while gaining gold with the CheatCodes.com database of knowledge for Wizard101.

Wizard101 is a Strategy/Persistent World Real-Time video game for PC published by KingsIsle on September 2, 2008. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and 89 of our users have voted it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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Easy Money

Make your pet and boots, body. and hat red and black. Then type in:easy money and then you get 1,000 gold. You can only use it 2 times a day.


If you want a dragon pet or a new item for your dorm or some money then go to wizard101.com log in and click redeem card or code and click the one on the right. then scroll down and type in these codes:
summerdragon=pet dragon (named)
castle or land=a item for your house/dorm/caste/mansion (not new)
note:cheats don't work twice.


Go to wizard101. Com log in and click redeem card or code and click the one on the right. Then scroll down and type in these code:Wizard.

New Hat

If you want a new cool hat then you must have a party hat. This hat has no special things to it. The code is: party (note code works once and can only be used every September).

Code Hints Video


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Unlock A Demon

This demond has 3 arms 2 legs and 2 heads. It hits 600-650. Way to unlock it is kill 3 crows, and 1 scarlet screamer. Then buy an imp. Then you get that demon. And its name is comot drag.

Secret Trainers

If you go to colossus blvd. Look around the troll tower and there will be a house. Go inside and you can learn many cool spells.

Easy Crowns

Get a friend to buy 5000 crowns ($10) and you will get 1250 crowns. Note: you need to make your friend to send you an e-mail so you ar able to earn crowns first.

Many Codes are Expired

A lot of these codes are expired because KingIsle RESETS ALL THE CODES. (CheatCodes Note: If more become available, we'll add them here - and if you know of any, let us know!)

The Smiths Quest

The smiths quest is given to you by prospector Zeke who is in the commons and the commons smith is in the fairgrounds behind the tree in the back, to find the triton avenue smith pass susie gryphonbane and cross the bridge and take a left and go down to the tree to find the smith, and the location of the ravenwood smith is all the way down the left path and next to the tree, and the final smith that I know where it's location is the shopping district smith which is to the right of the tunnel to the commons if you just came out of it next to the tree.

Behind The Waterfall

So everyone knows that waterfall right next to rainbow bridge and the dark schools missing... Well head back inside the waterfall - in there the dark school is hidden and in a quest you go in it.

Get a Leprechaun

To get one you must be a level 8 or up and be in firw school or balance school. Then you get 250 coins and buy 1 kraken and win a battle while using it. Then you go to a pet shop then you buy a leprechaun.

Money From the Kraken

You can get lots of money from the Kraken. He can give items that can give a lot of money when you sell. Remember to check them to see if they are good for your character(s).

Do the Intro - It Is Easy Exp.

In the beginning of a character, you do an intro. You can choose to skip to begin the game. During the intro, you will win 100% and will get free exp.

Easy Money

Hey all you broke Wizards. This is how to get easy money. Pyromancy and Storm Items are the most expensive items. Try mostly to get Storm Items. That is the best item to sell. It's also handy for non-members. Beat the kraken. He gives you lots of gold and to make him appear again after he is defeated, simply teleport back on the teleporter to make him appear without waiting or go to another realm. For members go to Kroktopia and battle a Fire Salamander Servant. They give you rapid gold. Also you can make new Wizards and as you get up to level 7 put the piggles into your shared bank and go into your main wizard and get all the piggles in your shared bank and put them in your backpack and sell all the piggles. Enjoy your free money.

Flee In Malistaire Dungeon

In the third room you'll see four fire enemies. Defeat them. Then you'll see three myth foes. What you do is go on the very edge of the battle circle and you'll skip one fight.


Every time you get a training point from zeke, it goes away when you finish the level you were on unless you use it on the same level.

Very Easy Money

An easy way to got money is to play games! If you get the block game then get to level 5 you all ready get 23 to 35 coins.

Fill Your Potion Quicker

At The Fairgrounds play the mimi game called POTION MOTION. when you earn more mana and stuff you will see your potion bottle will be very full.

More Characters

You can get more characters from the menu and click new. You can have a max of 6 characters. Note: if you buy crowns and use then to go in a area, another one of you characters can go in that area.

Skip Intro

If you are new you might want to do it but if you just making a new character. Look near the bottom, on the text box. One is next and the other is skip.




Kraken As A Pet

To unlock a kraken as a pet you must first be lvl 11 and you half to be either fire, storm, life, or myth. Then you must have 2 training points and go the storm school and then you go to train and click on kraken and then he's your pet.

Training Points

For every world you complete (like unicorn way), you get a training point.


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