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World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks is a video game for PlayStation developed and published by Unknown. It has an unknown or pending rating from the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks were added May 2, 2001. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, in addition to PSX.




Level Passwords

Use the following steps to create your own password. First, select the base 
password for the desired level:

Level	 	Password

Cape Canaveral 	_BB_BCBBB 
Ginza* 		_BB_BDBBB 
Sicily* 		_BB_BDBBB 
Detroit 		_BB_BFBBB 
Greece 		_BB_BGBBB 
Monaco 		_BB_BHBBB 
Red Square 		_BB_BJBBB 
St. Petersburg 	_BB_BKBBB 
Rome 		_BB_BLBBB 
Castle Mendheim*	_BB_BMBBB 
Atlantis* 		_BB_BMBBB 

The first blank "_" is used for the difficulty setting, except for the cities marked 
with an asterisk "*", which is explained below. The second blank "_" determines 
the tank to be used, from the following values:

Easy	Normal	Hard 

H 	K 	M 
B* 	D* 	G* Ginza 
V* 	X* 	Z* Sicily 
P 	R 	T 
S 	V 	X 
M 	P 	R 
G 	J 	L 
Z 	C 	F 
D 	G 	J 
X* 	Z* 	C* Castle Mendheim 
R* 	T* 	W* Atlantis 

Tank		Letter

M1A3 		V or B 
FLP-E 		W or C 
Rhino 		X or D 
Titan 		Y or F 
Marauder 		Z or G 
Dragon fly 		H 
Wraith 		J 
Manticore 		K 
Scorcher 		L 

For example, to play on the Atlantis level under the hard difficulty setting with the 
Rhino, enter "WBBFBMBBB" as a password. To play on the same level and 
difficulty setting with the Wraith, enter "WBBJBMBBB" as a password.


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