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RAW 2 shines on the Xbox video game system with enhanced graphics, gameplay an all-new story mode. Over 60 WWE Superstars are modeled with intricate detail. Up to eight new fully modeled arenas come to life with 3D crowds, special effects and specular highlighting. Enhanced gameplay controls feature a better grappling experience, more balanced momentum shifts and realistic AI. A robust feature set including multi-player season mode, Royal Rumble, King of the Ring, all-new Title Match and the deepest Create-A-Superstar ever will immerse fans like never before. Expect the unexpected and deliver the pain only on Xbox.

WWE Raw 2 (also known as Raw 2: WWE) is a Sports/Wrestling video game for Xbox developed by Abandon Entertainment and published by THQ on September 16, 2003. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 23 of our users have voted it 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Unlock Titantron Movies

If you can steal from a wrestler three times you will unlock their Titantron movie.

Easy Way To Win

When you are in a match and have COUNT OUTS ON, you can run outside the ring. Your opponent will follow you. You can make him/her come after you if you stay out and run around the ring. Your opponents will just get back in the ring. He/she will come back out and you have to make him/her chase you some more and then get in the ring and your opponent should stay out there for a second and then try to get back in but then it will be times up. Then, you win!! NOTE:YOUR OPPONENT HAS TO BE A COMPUTER AND NOT A PLAYER. IF YOUR OPPONENT GETS BACK IN THE RING, TURN AROUND WHEN HE/SHE IS CHASING YOU AND JUST RUN AND PUNCH UNTIL HES DOWN. USE THAT CODE WHEN ITS 7 OR 8 SECONDS LEFT.

Stealing From WWE Superstars In Season Mode

When you steal from a WWE superstar it will usually work 89% of the time. If you get something you should get the WWE superstar's attire or video. If it doesn't work you will just walk away with nothing.

Flying Attack Of Ladder

When you are up as high as you can go on the ladder, press A.

New Outfits

Use the steal option in season mode.

How To Steal Things

Go to that person that you want to steal something from and go to his/her locker room and steal

Easy Way To Finish Season

Whenever you have a match you should "Rest" before your match. When you are in your match and realize that you are losing then just fight him outside of the ring and let the referee count and when it has reached about 9 seconds run back into the ring and the opponent should get counted out and you will receive a win. Do this throughout the season. NOTE:You must pin or make him submit to win the title and to become king of the ring

Easy Win In Hell In A Cell

If playing in the Hell in the Cell and the option KO is on, its possible to get a quick win. Climb the cell and do a move to your opponent from the side of the cell (ex. chokeslam off the cell, etc.) Your opponent will be out cold and you will win.

More Hidden Weapons

Go to the bottom of the ring when your outside of the ring and go up to the ring and press "White" and eventually your character will go grab a weapon from under the ring. You can grab as many weapons as you want.

Easy To Steal

When in season mode and you want to steal something from one of the wrestlers, make sure that the wrestler you steal from is not a friend or a tag-team partner. Its easier to steal from your enemies. (WARNING: This does not always work. It works 85% of the time.)

Fast Win In Season Mode

All you have to do is get beating down by your opponent for about 2 minutes, after that, press start and choose BACK TO MENU, it should say that your the winner.

Another Easy Win In Season Mode

First, choose a wrestler that has some submission moves: (Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, ECT.) Then when you go into a match, it should take about three or four times to make your opponent submit. This is very easy to do.


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A cool created Superstar

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WWE Raw 2 FAQ/Move List Version 0.1

Last updated: September 20, 2003 by Brakker Z Ryan Rider


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