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Bastion and his prime sentinels have devised a way to destroy the mutants once and for all...and, they've kidnapped Forge to help create the ultimate weapon! Now it's up to the X-Men to smash the scheme, before they bite the dust - even if it means teaming with their arch-enemy The Brotherhood.

X-Men: Next Dimension is a Fighting/3D Fighting video game for PlayStation 2 developed by Paradox Entertainment and published by Activision on October 17, 2002. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 19 of our users have voted it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for X-Men: Next Dimension were added February 16, 2009. We also have the game available on Xbox, GameCube, in addition to PS2.




Unlock Everything

At the Main Menu (not the Press Start screen!), hold L1 and press RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, then CIRCLE. You'll hear a voice say something to confirm correct code entry. You'll now have all costumes, characters, levels, and videos unlocked. Please note: Remove the Memory Card before putting in the code or the game will freeze. After entering the code, you can put the memory card back in and save the game.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Classic Costumes

Some characters have classic outfits that resemble the classic X-Men characters:

Wolverine: Costume VII
Betsy: Costume VII
Forge: Costume VI
Gambit: Costume V
Juggernaut: Costume VII
Magneto: Costume VII
Nightcrawler: Costume VII
Sabretooth: Costume III
Rogue: Costume VI 

Eighth Costume

Win forty matches in survival mode as any character.

Seventh Costume

Select team mode and choose to fight with eight characters. Defeat all of the your opponent's team by using two or less of your own fighters to unlock the seventh costume for the character(s) you used. Wolverine gets his original yellow/blue/black costume. Phoenix gets a red/gold costume similar to Dark Phoenix. Juggernaut, Gambit, and Psylocke get a costume similar to their comic book original. Beast gets a blue costume with a yellow X on his chest, and he also has a helmet. When you chose the seventh costume for Cyclops, Wolverine, Betsy, Juggernaut, Sentinel A (Sentinel), Gambit, Storm, Sabretooth, Rogue and Magneto, they will most commonly appear in their costumes if they were in a "Vs." series game (Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash Of The Superheroes, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, X-Men Children Of The Atom, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter).

Fifth Costume

Successfully complete the game in arcade mode under the hard difficulty setting with all characters.

Sixth Costume

Defeat all ten fighters in time attack mode in under fifteen minutes to unlock the sixth costume for the fighter you selected.

Fourth Costume

Win twenty matches in survival mode with all characters.

Third Costume

Successfully complete the game in story mode to unlock that character's third costume.

Fight As Pyro

Successfully complete the game in arcade mode as Dark Phoenix under the easy, medium, and expert difficulty settings to unlock Pyro as a selectable character.

Fight As Sentinel B

Win twenty matches in survival mode.

Fight As Bastion

Successfully complete the game story mode as Magneto without losing any matches to face Bastion. Defeat Bastion to unlock him as a selectable character.

Nightcrawler: Play In The Dimensional Rage

When in training mode as Nightcrawler, turn on "Infinite Specials" then perform the Dimensional Rage technique. You will be in the Dimension for the technique. Perform a different special other than Dimensional Rage and make it contact. This will cancel Dimensional Rage and leave you in the darkness. To exit, perform the Dimensional Rage again and let it finish properly.

Obtain Sentinel A

Play arcade mode with Cyclops to obtain Sentinel: A as a player.

Bonus Costumes

Successfully complete arcade mode with any fighter to unlock all characters third costume.

Play As Psylocke

Successfully complete arcade mode with Betsy to unlock Psylocke as a selectable character.

Play As Dark Phoenix

Successfully complete arcade mode with Phoenix to unlock Dark Phoenix as a selectable character.

Play As Blob

Successfully complete arcade mode with Bishop to unlock Blob as a selectable character.

Play As Bishop

Successfully complete arcade mode with Gambit to unlock Bishop as a selectable character.


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