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Continuing its tradition of events, the Duel Academy has decided to hold a “Tag Duel Tournament” this year. All the students are running about trying to find the right Tag Partner to ensure they’ll win! You take on the role of a transfer student who has just joined in the midst of all the excitement. Players must duel the best duelists in Duel Academy, building trust and friendship in order to find the right partner for the “Tag Duel Tournament”. In this tournament, whether or not you will find true friendship and “unity” depends on their compatibility with your partner and your dueling spirit!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Beginning of Destiny is an Action/Adventure video game for PlayStation 2 developed and published by Konami on January 9, 2008. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 34 of our users have voted it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Beginning of Destiny were added July 21, 2010.




Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Enter 23995346 as a code.

Baby Dragon

Enter 88819587 as a code.

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy Of The Beginning

Enter 72989439 as a code.

Bubble Shuffle

Enter 63968753 as a code.

Bubonic Vermin

Enter 06104968 as a code.

Burning Algae

Enter 41859700 as a code.

Burning Land

Enter 24294108 as a code.

Chaos Emperor Dragon-envoy Of The End

Enter 82301904 as a code.


Enter 26376390 as a code.

Cyber Jar

Enter 34124316 as a code.

Black Pendant

Enter 65169794 as a code.

Black Tyranno

Enter 38670435 as a code.

Blackland Fire Dragon

Enter 87564352 as a code.

Blade Rabbit

Enter 58268433 as a code.

Blade Skater

Enter 97023549 as a code.


Enter 28470714 as a code.

Blast Juggler

Enter 70138455 as a code.

Blast Magician

Enter 21051146 as a code.

Blast Sphere

Enter 26302522 as a code.

Blasting The Ruins

Enter 21466326 as a code.

Blazing Inpachi

Enter 05464695 as a code.

Blind Destruction

Enter 32015116 as a code.

Blindly Loyal Goblin

Enter 35215622 as a code.

Block Attack

Enter 25880422 as a code.

Blood Sucker

Enter 97783659 as a code.

Blowback Dragon

Enter 25551951 as a code.

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Enter 89631139 as a code.

Blue Medicine

Enter 20871001 as a code.

Blue-eyes Shining Dragon

Enter 53347303 as a code.

Blue-eyes Toon Dragon

Enter 53183600 as a code.

Blue-eyes Toon Dragon

Enter 53183600 as a code.

Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon

Enter 23995346 as a code.

Blue-eyes White Dragon

Enter 89631139 as a code.

Blue-winged Crown

Enter 41396436 as a code.

Bokoichi The Freightening Car

Enter 08715625 as a code.

Bone Mouse

Enter 21239280 as a code.


Enter 98456117 as a code.

Book Of Moon

Enter 14087893 as a code.

Book Of Secret Arts

Enter 91595718 as a code.

Book Of Taiyou

Enter 38699854 as a code.

Boss Rush

Enter 66947414 as a code.

Bottom Dweller

Enter 81386177 as a code.

Bottomless Shifting Sand

Enter 76532077 as a code.

Bottomless Trap Hole

Enter 29401950 as a code.


Enter 52090844 as a code.


Enter 16507828 as a code.


Enter 30548775 as a code.

Breaker The Magical Warrior

Enter 71413901 as a code.

Breath Of Light

Enter 20101223 as a code.

Bright Castle

Enter 82878489 as a code.

4-starred Ladybug Of Doom

Enter 83994646 as a code.

7 Colored Fish

Enter 23771716 as a code.

8-claws Scorpion

Enter 14261867 as a code.

A Feather Of The Phoenix

Enter 49140998 as a code.

A Hero Emerges

Enter 21597117 as a code.

A Legendary Ocean

Enter 00295517 as a code.

A Rival Appears

Enter 05728014 as a code.

A-team: Trap Disposal Unit

Enter 13026402 as a code.

Abare Ushioni

Enter 89718302 as a code.

Absorbing Kid From The Sky

Enter 49771608 as a code.

Acid Rain

Enter 21323861 as a code.

Acrobat Monkey

Enter 47372349 as a code.


Enter 16135253 as a code.

Airknight Parshath

Enter 18036057 as a code.


Enter 48202661 as a code.

Alligator's Sword

Enter 64428736 as a code.

Alligator's Sword Dragon

Enter 03366982 as a code.

Alpha The Magnet Warrior

Enter 99785935 as a code.

Altar For Tribute

Enter 21070956 as a code.

Amazon Archer

Enter 91869203 as a code.

Amazon Of The Sea

Enter 17968114 as a code.

Amazoness Fighter

Enter 55821894 as a code.

Amazoness Paladin

Enter 47480070 as a code.

Amazoness Swords Woman

Enter 94004268 as a code.

Amphibian Beast

Enter 67371383 as a code.

Amphibious Bugroth

Enter 40173854 as a code.

Amphibious Bugroth Mk-3

Enter 64342551 as a code.

Ancient Brain

Enter 42431843 as a code.

Ancient Elf

Enter 93221206 as a code.

Ancient Gear Beast

Enter 10509340 as a code.

Ancient Gear Golem

Enter 83104731 as a code.

Ancient Telescope

Enter 17092836 as a code.

Andro Sphinx

Enter 15013468 as a code.

Anti Raigeki

Enter 42364257 as a code.

Anti-aircraft Flower

Enter 65064143 as a code.


Enter 53112492 as a code.

Apprentice Magician

Enter 09156135 as a code.

Aqua Chorus

Enter 95132338 as a code.

Aqua Dragon

Enter 86164529 as a code.

Aqua Madoor

Enter 85639257 as a code.

Aqua Spirit

Enter 40916023 as a code.

Archfiend Soldier

Enter 49881766 as a code.

Archlord Zerato

Enter 18378582 as a code.


Enter 53153481 as a code.

Armed Dragon Lv 3

Enter 00980973 as a code.

Armed Dragon Lv 5

Enter 46384672 as a code.

Armed Dragon Lv 7

Enter 73879377 as a code.

Armed Dragon Lv10

Enter 59464593 as a code.

Armed Ninja

Enter 09076207 as a code.

Armor Break

Enter 79649195 as a code.

Armor Exe

Enter 07180418 as a code.

Arsenal Bug

Enter 42364374 as a code.

Assault On Ghq

Enter 62633180 as a code.

Aswan Apparition

Enter 88236094 as a code.

Atomic Firefly

Enter 87340664 as a code.

Attack And Receive

Enter 63689843 as a code.

Autonomous Action Unit

Enter 71453557 as a code.

Axe Of Despair

Enter 40619825 as a code.

Axe Raider

Enter 48305365 as a code.

B. Skull Dragon

Enter 11901678 as a code.

B.e.s. Crystal Core

Enter 22790789 as a code.

Back To Square One

Enter 47453433 as a code.


Enter 82705573 as a code.

Backup Soldier

Enter 36280194 as a code.

Balloon Lizard

Enter 39892082 as a code.

Banisher Of The Light

Enter 61528025 as a code.

Banner Of Courage

Enter 10012614 as a code.

Baron Of The Fiend Sword

Enter 86325596 as a code.


Enter 06840573 as a code.

Barrel Dragon

Enter 81480460 as a code.

Battery Charger

Enter 61181383 as a code.

Batteryman Aa

Enter 63142001 as a code.

Batteryman C

Enter 19733961 as a code.

Battle Footballer

Enter 48094997 as a code.

Battle Ox

Enter 05053103 as a code.

Battle Warrior

Enter 55550921 as a code.

Bazoo The Soul-eater

Enter 40133511 as a code.

Beast Fangs

Enter 46009906 as a code.

Beast Of Talwar

Enter 11761845 as a code.

Beastly Mirror Ritual

Enter 81933259 as a code.

Beautiful Headhuntress

Enter 16899564 as a code.

Beckoning Light

Enter 16255442 as a code.

Begone, Knave!

Enter 20374520 as a code.


Enter 94022093 as a code.

Beiige, Vanguard Of Dark World

Enter 33731070 as a code.


Enter 77207191 as a code.

Beta The Magnet Warrior

Enter 39256679 as a code.


Enter 25655502 as a code.

Big Bang Shot

Enter 61127349 as a code.

Big Core

Enter 14148099 as a code.

Big Eye

Enter 16768387 as a code.

Big Koala

Enter 42129512 as a code.


Enter 58696829 as a code.


Enter 45547649 as a code.

Black Illusion Ritual

Enter 41426869 as a code.

Black Luster Ritual

Enter 55761792 as a code.

Black Luster Soldier

Enter 05405694 as a code.

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy Of The Beginning

Enter 72989439 as a code.

Unlock Midday Constellation (Noon Star) Booster

At the shop screen where you select the boosters, Enter The Following Code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, O.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Get Better Cards

Save up enough money to buy a whole box of cards (normally about 2000dp) and save it, go buy whatever pack you want till you buy out the box, and look at your cards, if you are not satisfied with them, cut off the power to your console, turn it back on and load, you will still have your money and can buy the same cards again if you like, (cards you get are random, you will not get the same cards this time).

Unlock Alexis's Booster Pack

When you first start the game you have no choice but to proceed on with your first day of school, when you wake up the next day, immediately go to your map and select "save". Then go to the main menu. Select load. Go to Slifer red dorm and go to your room (up the stairs and all the way back) and talk to pharaoh, pet him on the head, he should now follow you. Go to Obelisk blue dorm and talk to alexis about dueling, you should have a great talk, then pass up time till she goes to school, talk to her about dueling, you should have a great talk, the skip time with the guy by the door, go through class and then talk to her again, you should have a great talk, then leave, save and go to the main menu, load and go to the card shop, go to the booster pack select screen, her pack should be open if done correctly.


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