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At we have a comprehensive database of cheats for all PlayStation 3 games, whether they are traditional, disk-based games or sold through the PlayStation Store as downloadable content (DLC), add-on packs, and other content available on the PlayStation Network. Just look for the PSN logo next to the game title or under the cover image. Many classic PS2 and PlayStation (PSX/PSOne) titles work on the PlayStation 3, so if you're looking for any of those titles check our PlayStation 2 and PlayStation areas.

We have thousands of cheat codes, hints, tips, secrets, Easter Eggs, and more so you can experience your games your way and extend their entertainment value. We also have the best FAQs, Walkthroughs and guides by some of the best gaming authors anywhere on the net.

We make it easy to find codes for some of the most popular PS3 games as well as the most recently released titles. Whether you're into sports, strategy, first person shooter, or role playing games, you can find a huge list collection of information here that will help you get more out of all your games.

We are constantly updating our database with new codes and information, so whether you are looking for a list of Trophies or a way to get past a particularly frustrating part of the game, you can find what you need here. is the ONLY official source for games like Grand Theft Auto V, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Grand Theft Auto IV, and NBA 2K14 on PS3. As of Friday July 25, 2014 we have 5,181 PS3 cheats and we add more every day.

If you have a free gamerID account, add all your PS3 games to your collection and we'll notify you as soon as we add new PlayStation 3 cheats.

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