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In BABEL RISING, you are God! And from the heights of sky, you see that men are agitating themselves and building a tower. A tower? To climb up to your heights? How arrogant and impudent they are! Time has come to teach your creatures how small they are and how great you are! You will have to use of all your divine spells, and to prevent them from building the tower.

Babel Rising is a Strategy/2D Real-Time Strategy video game for Xbox 360 published by Ubi Soft on July 1, 2012. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Babel Rising were added August 1, 2012. We also have the game available on PlayStation 3, in addition to Xbox 360.





  • Falling Stone (10 points): Crushed 20 workers with one giant boulder.
  • Great balls of fire (10 points): Destroyed a section of the tower with a meteor shower.
  • Holy wave (10 points): Use a tidal wave that spares cursed jar bearers.
  • Blown away (10 points): Send a worker flying 50 meters away in a sand storm.
  • Full house (10 points): Kill a total of 10000 workers.
  • Apocalypse (25 points): Master the combo system.
  • Deity (5 points): Kill 50 workers in a single game.
  • Babel Falling (25 points): Defeat Nabu's ambition.
  • Cruel god (25 points): Pressure your opponent in a multiplayer versus match.
  • Break the ice (10 points): Finish what your partner begins in a coop game.
  • Cursed! (10 points): Show no fear when destroying the cursed jars.
  • Survivor (50 points): Stop the construction of the tower when everything seems lost.

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