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XCOM is a world-government created group of commandos and soldiers to combat an unknown and possibly alien/extraterrestrial enemy. You play the commander of the team and must use your judgement and skills to best outfit and command in missions against the enemy. You must plan each mission to make the best use of limited resources and personnel. The fate of the entire world is in your hands.

Based on the classic XCOM game, it has been redone to take advantage of new consoles and graphic systems. If you played the original, you'll recognize many of the successful techniques used to successfully complete the missions. It's all about balance and planning, followed with execution to match. It's classic Firaxis style strategy and executed wonderfully.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a Strategy/3D Turn-Based Strategy video game for PC developed by Fraxis and published by 2K Games on October 12, 2012. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for XCOM: Enemy Unknown were added October 9, 2012. We also have the game available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, in addition to PC.




Steam Achievements

  • No Looking Back – 100G Beat the game in Ironman mode on Classic or Impossible difficulty.
  • Humanity’s Savior – 30G Beat the game on any difficulty.
  • Earth First – 60G Beat the game on Classic difficulty.
  • Our Finest Hour – 90G Beat the game on Impossible difficulty.
  • Lone Wolf – 20G Clear a UFO crash site with one soldier on Classic or Impossible difficulty.
  • Bada Boom – 10G Kill 50 aliens with explosive weapons.
  • Welcoming Committee – 20G Kill 150 aliens.
  • Pale Horse – 50G Kill 500 aliens.
  • Shooting Stars – 35G Shoot down 40 UFOs.
  • Ain’t No Cavalry Comin’ – 50G Have a soldier survive every mission in a full game.
  • As A Scalpel – 25G Earn the “Excellent” rating in every performance category on a terror mission.
  • Edison – 25G In a single game, complete every Research Project.
  • All Employees Must Wash Hands… – 10G In a single game, complete every Autopsy.
  • Eye in the Sky – 5G Launch a Satellite.
  • All Together Now – 10G Get satellite coverage over every country on one continent.
  • Hunter/Killer – 15G In a single game, shoot down one of each alien craft.
  • Man No More – 10G Build a suit of powered armor.
  • We Happy Few – 10G Complete a mission without losing a soldier.
  • The Hardest Road – 10G Advance one of your soldiers to Colonel rank.
  • Worth Every Penny – 20G Acquire 1000 credits in one month.
  • Oppenheimer – 20G Staff the Research Labs with 80 scientists.
  • One Gun at a Time – 20G Staff the Engineering Department with 80 engineers
  • Skunkworks – 20G In a single game, complete every Foundry project.
  • You Have 5 Seconds to Comply – 10G Build a S.H.I.V.
  • Theory… – 10G Build a Laboratory.
  • …and Practice – 10G Build a Workshop.
  • Wet Work – 10G Complete a Very Hard abduction mission in five turns or less on Classic or Impossible difficulty.
  • A Continental Fellow – 50G Win the game from each of the 5 starting locations.
  • What Wonders Await – 5G Complete a Research Project.
  • Up and Running – 5G Build a base facility.
  • Combat Ready – 5G Build an item.
  • Drums in the Deep – 10G Gain access to the lowest level in your base.
  • Happy to Oblige – 15G Fulfill a Council request.
  • Tables Turned – 10G Shoot down a UFO.
  • And So It Begins… – 15G Complete the tutorial mission.

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